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Why Is Waterproofing Your Sarasota Deck Important?

Sarasota Waterproofed Deck by Gulfside Painting Contractors, Inc.Waterproofing your deck is a vital component of owning a deck in Sarasota, Florida. Naked and untreated wood decks are extremely vulnerable to harsh weather conditions, which leaves your investment vulnerable to breakdown. From wind and rain to extreme heat and sun, a deck that hasn’t been waterproofed has a very limited lifespan. In addition to basic wear and tear, rot from a non-waterproofed deck is likely to attract one of Florida’s biggest nemesis—termite attack! Before you completely lose your investment, consider having your deck professionally treated and waterproofed.

Some weekend warriors may consider “slapping on” a waterproofing compound from the local hardware store. However, this may not be the smartest option as most homeowners have no idea whether their deck has already sustained damage and whether they’ve properly prepared the surface for waterproofing.

When you hire a professional Sarasota waterproofer, you benefit from expert services that will not only protect your investment, but also enhance the beauty of your wood deck.

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The Professional Approach to Deck Waterproofing in Sarasota

A professional Sarasota deck waterproofing company will take several steps to ensure the safety of the structure and determine how to bring out the best in your wood deck:

Complete deck evaluation

In some cases your deck may have already sustained damage and likely needs repair before waterproofing can commence. A professional waterproofer will perform an initial evaluation to ascertain the sturdiness and safety of the structure before recommending an action plan. Although some homeowners may want to perform the inspection themselves, only a trained professional knows how to look beyond simple cracks in the wood to determine if the structure has been compromised.

Professional cleaning

Waterproofed pool deck by Gulfside Painting Contracting, Inc.Before sealing and waterproofing your deck you must have the surface professionally power washed and cleaned. Homes in the Bradenton, Lakewood Ranch, Venice, Longboat Key, Siesta Key, Casey Key and Sarasota area are exposed to extreme heat, humidity and beach conditions that encourage mold and mildew, which must be completely removed before sealant can be applied.

Waterproofing and stain selection

Once the surface has been prepared, homeowners must decide if they want to simply seal their deck or stain it to enhance the color of the wood. A professional water proofer can make recommendations based on your home’s appearance, your design ideas and overall goals. If you choose to add stain, your expert waterproofer will present you with a variety of professional-grade stain and waterproofing compounds. In some cases, you can test the stain in an obscure area of your deck to determine if you like the color before having it applied to the entire deck.

Professional waterproofing and stain application

Your water proofer will take several steps to ensure complete, even coverage of the waterproofing and/or stain compound. Using professional-grade tools and techniques, every area of your deck will be sealed and waterproofed. A professional will also attend to areas that may not be visible to the naked eye, yet are extremely vulnerable to breakdown and rot if left unsealed.

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