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Can Sarasota Homeowners DIY Wall Texturing and Painting?

Sunroom at the BeachWall texturing is a great way to provide a hint of design and enhance the beauty of a room. Numerous types of wall texturing and finishes include sponging, crinkling and knock-down—each type requires a different technique. Many Sarasota, Bradenton, Lakewood Ranch, Venice, Longboat Key, Siesta Key and Casey Key homeowners have attempted to apply these techniques to their walls at home. The problem is, the majority fall short of achieving a professional look!

Why? Wall texturing, while seemingly easy to apply, is actually a difficult technique to master. Often homeowners go through the motion of trying to create a knock down or crinkle effect and end up making the wall look as if a two-year old was the painter.

Unless you’ve been professionally trained on how to combine expertise with certain types of paints, you should leave wall texturing and painting to the pros.

For a beautiful result every time, contact Sarasota’s expert wall texturing and painting crew at Gulfside Painting. Call 941-355-1233 today.

Sarasota Expert’s Approach to Wall Texturing and Painting

Your Sarasota paint contractor will take several steps to ensure a magnificent result. After the initial consultation your paint contractor will:

Examine the wall space

Home Interior Painted by Gulfside  PaintingNot all varieties of wall texturing works on every wall type. In fact, some homes have popcorn covered walls and ceilings which must be addressed before wall texturing can be explored. An expert painter will check your dry wall for cracks, holes and evenness to determine which type of paint and technique will work best for you.

Discuss design with you

Once the walls have been evaluated, your Sarasota painter will ask you about your design goals and budget. You and the painter will also discuss the color scheme and explore the range of possible shades. Additionally, your painter will ask about accent walls and whether you want to maybe apply a different texture to one wall to create some spotlight drama.

Prepare the wall and room

Wall preparation can mean a variety of things. If you have wallpaper, a professional will apply industrial-grade solution and use advanced techniques to remove it without harming your wall. Any holes, gouges and dents will be patched and smoothed before painting can commence. The room will also be prepared, which means that plastic sheeting will be placed on the floor and trim will be taped to ensure a clean edge. If necessary, furniture may be moved and covered with a large plastic tarp material. A layer of primer will be applied—possibly more than one coat if the wall is dark or has a strong color.

Wall texturing and painting

Using special tools and expertise, your Sarasota painters will create the wall texturing design on your walls. This process can be somewhat involved because your painters are essentially using small, quick movements to create the textured effect.

Clean up and room restoration

Unlike when you do it yourself, you don’t have to clean up the paint after the job is complete. A professional painting team will ensure the wall is completely dry and remove the painter’s tape, tarp and return furniture to its original position in the room. Many paint crews also sweep the floor if any debris has been left behind—essentially the room will appear as if you never had it painted only a few days prior.

Ask about a free quote for wall texturing and painting today. Call Sarasota’s #1 painting company, Gulfside Painting at 941-355-1233.

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