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Painting Interior to Brighten Up Your Home

Sunroom at the BeachThere are many easy and cost effective ways to update the inside of your home by adding light, color and richness to darker rooms. We offer FREE consultations to homeowners in Bradenton, Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch, Longboat Key, Siesta Key, Casey Key, Port Charlotte, Venice and southwest Florida to help them understand the different ways that painting a home’s interior rooms can lighten, brighten and completely transform them.

For darker and low-light areas, using light and bright paint colors can make a room feel bigger, warmer, and lighter. For very dark rooms and spaces, pure white and tones of whites and beiges can instantly lighten the room. These colors make a space seem cleaner and larger. And, for those who want to avoid creating a stark space, experts suggest adding accent colors or paint an accent wall in the room to bring in color and interest.

To create brightness and warmth, consider using warmer shades in the red, orange or yellow families. All are happy, cheerful colors that can be easily matched with softer and more neutral shades. These warmer tones can be used to paint an entire room or used as an accent. You can also experiment with using two or more shades of one color in one room. Some designers will add light and warmth by combining three yellows, such as, canary yellow, sunflower yellow and curry, in one room. It is an on-trend and dramatic approach that can define a room or home.

When you want a room to be calming and relaxing, look to the cool tones of many blues (sky blue), greens (summer grass) and even lighter purples (wild lavender). These shades are perfect for low-light rooms because they are soft, gentle and subtle. Interior designers often choose these colors for bedrooms and bathrooms because they provide a calming effect.

Home Interior Painted by Gulfside  PaintingOne of the most popular choices today for brightening a room is using a color from a neutral palette. Neutrals can be on the warmer side with creams, beiges and light browns or cooler with shades of white and gray. The reason that designers and homeowners love neutral colors is that they are both timeless and sophisticated. They offer a clean and light background for any type of room work well in high- and low-light settings.

In terms of paint types, remember that satin and semi-gloss finishes help reflect even more light to brighten a room.

When you are ready to transform the inside of your home with color and light, call Gulfside Painting, the interior painting and color experts in Bradenton, Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch, Longboat Key, Siesta Key, Casey Key, Port Charlotte, Venice and southwest Florida. We offer FREE consultations to help you decide on the best way to lighten and brighten your rooms with our professional painting services.

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