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Sunroom at the BeachThere are many things to consider when you are ready to refresh or update the interior of your home. Once you have decided which rooms to paint, you need to choose the wall and trim colors for each, and perhaps more importantly, the type of paint you will use. We offer FREE consultations to new and returning customers in Bradenton, Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch, Longboat Key, Siesta Key, Casey Key, Port Charlotte, Venice and southwest Florida to help them decide what’s best for their homes’ interiors.

The two most popular choices for interior walls are flat and semi-gloss paint, and both have their own unique qualities and advantages. What are the arguments for flat vs. semi-gloss paint for interior walls?

The Difference in Flat Vs. Semi-Gloss Paint

As the name indicates, semi-gloss paint has more of a sheen or reflective quality to it than flat paint. Because semi-gloss reflects light, it can also show imperfections and uneven surfaces. Dings, nicks, cracks, dry wall tape and seams may be easier to see with semi-gloss paint. With this in mind, semi-gloss paint is often preferred for newer interior walls.

Flat paint is completely matte and does not reflect light like semi-gloss paints do. Therefore, it is better at hiding the minor and natural imperfections of older walls. Though flat paint is the best at concealing wear and age, if you have a fair amount of damage on your walls, you should consider repairing them before painting because paint alone will not cover up major wall damage.

Home Interior Painted by Gulfside  PaintingBoth paints types are durable, but semi-gloss has a reputation for being somewhat more durable than flat paint. And, dirt can stick to flat paint more because of its porous surface. So, semi-gloss paints are recommended for high-traffic areas of the home like the entry way, bathrooms and children’s rooms, and particularly around doorways. In terms of cleaning and upkeep, both types are washable. Semi-gloss, because of its more slippery surface, is easier to wipe clean.

Our painting professionals can discuss flat vs. semi-gloss paint for your interior walls with you during a FREE consultation. We will help you consider all the angles, as well as your lifestyle, to see which paint type is the best choice for your home and family. Some of the things to consider include: how old is your home, how active is your household, do you have young children and/or pets? All of these factors are critical in determining the right paint choice for long-term enjoyment.

Gulfside Painting is your interior painting specialists in Bradenton, Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch, Longboat Key, Siesta Key, Casey Key, Port Charlotte, Venice and southwest Florida. Please call us for a FREE consultation to determine if flat paint or semi-gloss paint is right for your home’s interior walls.

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